Central Colorado Mountains

Light and Ink - Photography by Chad Bonaker

Welcome to the photo collection of Chad Bonaker. Please explore the Gallery Index to see the various photos available for purchase.

Photographic Prints:

The photos in the various galleries are sorted by aspect ratio. This means that the height and width of the photos are always the same ratio to each other. For instance, an 8x10" and a 16x20" photo have the same ratio of 4 to 5. Prints are available as prints only, or framed in a beautiful rustic handcrafted wooden frame with a double mat..

Available Ratios

1 to 3 (Panorama sizes 8x24", 10x30", 12x36", and 16x48")

2 to 3 (Available sizes: 8x12", 16x24", 20x30", 24x36", 40x60")

4 to 5 (Available sizes: 8x10", 16x20", 24x30")